Write A Letter or Essay  & It Could Be Chosen To Win This Property   100%MORTGAGE FREE
ONLY 2500 Entries Will Be Accepted    $250.00 CAD - per Entry

Contest Closing - August 31, 2019
When 2,500 Entries Are Received
(whichever comes 1st)

The contest end date has been extended to February 28, 2019 OR when 2,500 entries have been received.  It will be up to the sole discretion of the contest holders to potentially start the selection process if we feel that enough entries have been received. The contest holders reserve the right to extend beyond August 31st, 2019 with one 6 month extension if too few entries have been received at that time.  

Out of respect for the neighbors we ask that people refrain from driving by the property.

How to enter and pay:

  1. E-mail:  Letters / Essays can be sent via e-mail to Essay.contest@outlook.com and pay by e-transfer or PayPal (FRIENDS OR FAMILY ONLY) to this e-mail address. If you wish to submit electronically and still mail a cheque or money order that is an option, your entry will be held aside until the entry fee arrives to validate your entry.
  2. Standard Mail: Send entries with cheque or money order to:
    Attn: Essay Contest
    51419 Range Road 201
    Beaver County, Alberta
    T0B 4J1    
  3. You can now submit your entry by clicking on "Submit Entry" located on the left hand side of the page.  Add an entry to the shopping cart and it can be paid for at check out.
    Please note that if you are sending via. credit card or PayPal there are transaction fees included in the check out process. PayPal's transaction fee will be refunded if it is sent as a Friend or Family, but not for ones sent as a business transaction.

Cheques or money orders can be made payable to S. Bauer - Essay Contest

**EDITED** Please ensure when sending that you put the name in the comments as to who wrote the letter. We realize that a spouse, friend or family member may be sending it for you but the name will be different.
There is an area for comments in e-transfers, PayPal, on cheques and money orders.

We absolutely want to ensure that everything and everyone is accounted for correctly.

** Disclaimer - All funds are being held in a separate account until the contest closes or is cancelled. If the contest is cancelled for any reason all entrants will receive their entry fee less any transfer or postage fees**


65 Of 2,500 Entries Received
65 Official
7 Unofficial (Fee not received yet)
3 Looking for sponsors