CONTEST TERMS                              &                          CONDITIONS


There is an entry fee of $250.00 CAD with a maximum of a 1-page letter / essay describing what you would do with the property if your letter is chosen. With each entry you must include your contact information separately from the letter or essay: e-mail address, mailing address and phone number. Both this website & the Facebook pages will be updated daily or as entries are received.

We ask that names be kept out of the letters / essays as they will be removed for impartial judging. 

Once we receive your entry a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address that was provided with the entry.

Multiple entries each with a different letter / essay are allowed. An entry fee is required for each letter / essay.

Contest closes August 31st, 2019 or when 2,500 entries are received whichever comes 1st.


There is a 1 in 2500 chance of being selected for the property and 4 in 2500 (1 in 625) chance of being selected for a $250.00 CAD pre-paid Visa or MasterCard.


Each entry will be given a number and have the names removed, the names will be withheld from the panel of 5 judges to ensure full and equal consideration of all entries. Each judge will pick their favorite letter, at this time the 5 judges will get together to try to convince the others why that essay/letter is the best. Once they can get 3 out of 5 or more (majority) to agree, that essay/letter will be deemed the winner. The 4 runners-up will each receive a $250.00 CAD pre-paid Visa or Mastercard. The winner and 4 runners-up will be contacted by phone and announced on the Social Media page.


Legal fees, land transfer fees & the annual property taxes for the property to be transferred to the winner will be paid for out of the contest earnings. 

Any other fees or taxes that are required by law in Alberta or the winners place of residence are the sole responsibility of the winner.


The contest holders will work with the winner to determine a possession date and what they would like to remain on the property, there are vehicles that could be left or removed. Time frame for possession if the vehicles are to be removed could be longer depending on time of year and weather.



All entries are to be submitted via email to or by mail to 51419 Range Road 201, Beaver County, Alberta T0B 4J1. 
Please ensure that your contact information is included as a separate page if mailing, or in the email but not on the letter or essay.


The entry fee $250.00 CAD is to accompany each letter/essay, to be held in a separate account until the contest closes.  


The contest deadline has been set for August 31st, 2019 & all 2500 entries are filled, or the house sells whichever comes first. The contest holders reserve the right to deem if enough entries have been received to warrant the contest period closed with 2 weeks' notice on the social media page and website, at which time the contest will be closed, and the selection process will begin. The contest holders do reserve the right to extend beyond the August 31st deadline by a 6 month period if required.


The contest will be cancelled in the event of too few entries, not achieving the Minimum Amount, if the home is sold, owners become deceased or other force majeure. 


Refunds will be given if the contest is cancelled due to the property selling or if the contest is cancelled for lack of entries, less any postage, transmission or electronic bank fees.  


Prior to submitting your entry, it is important that you research the tax laws in your native country to determine if there will be any tax issues or ramification if your entry is selected. Winner is responsible for any local PST or taxes in their area. 


This contest is not promoting any organization so therefor it is not deemed a promotion as per the Competition Bureau of Canada. 


There is an element of skill (your written entry) and not a random draw, the element of luck is removed therefor this contest is NOT A RAFFLE or LOTTERY as per the AGLC regulations. No lottery or raffle license has been issued.  


Known family members of the contest holders are NOT permitted to enter.  All contest entrants must be 18 years or older.

 Eligibility is limited to Canadian & world wide residence, excluding Quebec residents. Contest entrants from other countries are required to follow any laws, taxes or fees from their own country of residence.