What Is The Estimated Cost To Finish The House?


This is really subjective to whoever finishes it, something like this really cannot be estimated by us.  What we would do and how we would finish it could be completely different than how you would do it.

But this would certainly depend on if you are capable and willing to do the work yourself or hire out the work, do you have family or friends that would help?  Do you have expensive taste and want custom cabinets or are you good with off the shelf cabinetry? Would you change the floor plan or keep it the same? 

As we have mentioned there is also a good portion of items that come with the house but they are also what we chose, these things might not be to the winners liking or you may love what we picked and purchased.

If you are worried about having the money to finish it remember, the house will be paid for which gives instant equity to the winner.  A small mortgage to finish would be something to consider and the monthly payments could be kept small.