Will The Contest Be Extended?


We would like to announce that we will be ...............EXTENDING THE CONTEST!

Due to the length of time it has taken us to determine what course to take and getting feedback from those who have entered that are both on and off of Facebook we have decided that the FINAL deadline will be March 31st, 2020. We have restructured the contest for the amount of entries required.

The cost will stay at $250.00/entry but the amount of entries required has been reduced to 2,100.

There will be no further extensions to this contest, so please let's get those entries in folks. Don't wait to see if it will fill up before you send it in, you are not the only one thinking like that. If everyone "waits to see what happens" and doesn't enter, it makes it a lot harder to fill the needed amount of entries to run the contest. You have nothing to lose, if you are interested then enter.

If we are all positive then we WILL make it happen. It's a bright new, 1st day of fall...let's brighten someones future together!